A Comprehensive Review Of The Bo One E Cig Starter Vape Kit

bo one vapeWith the growing Closed System Vaporizer (CSV) market an increasing number of competing devices are bound to be produced hence increased level of homogeneity among the products. There are so many different ways in which the devices can appear. Some may be small-cigarette sized, with a LED battery charge indicator and a mouthpiece. Bo One simply follows the same route.

Bo One is perfectly aesthetically beautiful and satisfying but still so similar to the other devices. But there are some features that make this device stand out from its competitors in a very meaningful way and therefore drag it down significantly. Here are some of its features you might consider while purchasing Bo One Vape;

Simplicity and Style

Its simplicity and style are one of the best features that make Bo One vape stand out. Weighing at 22 grams and barely 4 inches tall has a lot to offer in a slender, short package. What makes this product unique are the available accessories and the range of flavors.

Bo One e Cig Kit Specs and Features

The kit contents; Bo Power, Bo Cable, Bo Caps, Bo One

The Bo E-cigarette has a 380mAh or 380 puffs battery capacity with a 1.5ml Bo Cap which is a pre-filled and an ultra compact cartomizer. For more flexibility, one can upgrade and procure the Bo power and Bo cable independently. The user facing features are minimal since it is usual for any Closed System Vaporizer (CSV). Simply charge the battery with the included magnetic USB charging cable which allows pass through vaping to activate the battery. The USB powered magnetic charger has an adapter that makes Bo e-cig vape sit horizontally. In instances where the device is been charged with the laptop it cause no obstruction. However, with the desktop computers, it plugging may be problematic since the USB ports are positioned vertically.

It has a top notch build quality. The battery charge indicator is bright, and the flush is mounted in the body of the battery. The LED lights up when the device is ready and while inhaling. The fact that is lights up blue when the battery is 100% – 75% full, a white light up when running to it is 74% – 25%, and finally, a red light for 24% and below when it is drained is one of the unique touches.

The light matte finish, size and its shape of the battery is very comfortable to the fingers yet very highly fingerprint resistant.

The Bo Caps are color coded pods with a capacity of 1.5ml which has nearly 3-4 battery cycles before it requires replacement. The color coded pods come in three diverse nicotine strengths which are; zero, 8ml/mg and 16ml/mg in a standard 50/50 PG/VG mix. The blister packaging and color coding make them appear more like cough lozenges. The colors are made to differentiate the type of flavors since the pods have no branding. They have some removable rubber on the both the mouthpiece and the bottom since pods tend to have some residue on them that needs to be wiped off before inserting.

One of the greatest advantages of using a pod vape other than a vape pen is the ease that comes with changing the flavors. It is a simple and hassle free. The flavors received are menthol-(arctical), tobacco-(MI5, Gold RX), and fruit-(Red Light).

Arctical (8mg/ml)

Menthol has an intense flavor which lingers on for a while. It has a long lasting cool feeling through the nose, throat and up to the sinuses.

Gold RX (8mg/ml)

It has a very classic tobacco aroma with some notes of gingerbread. The throat hit is a little more than just a tickle in the back of the throat due to the nicotine strength level being 35mg. It lacks the dryness that comes with the type pebble.

Red Light (8 mg/ml)

The flavor is a cocktail of the red fruits, anise, and mint with some less punch and intensity of the blackcurrant. The Violet e-liquid residue is more noticeable than the other flavors since it seems to produce more vapors.

How it performs

The Bo One vaporizer pen is amongst the very best of CSVs. It is compact with an excellent battery life and performance of its size class. The airflow is a lot looser than that of a vape pen, and its vapor production is more of a cigarette. It certainly will not chuck out clouds but offers rich flavors which are easy to swap out. Vapor production reduces and the flavor changes and starts to taste slightly burnt when it is time to change the pod. There is no dry hit as one may expect since the e-liquid cannot be seen while vaping. The Bo caps can be easily hacked and refilled.


– Solid performance

– Pleasing aesthetics

– Excellent battery life

– E-liquid efficiency

– Simple to use

– Practical form factor

– Well manufactured

– Pods can be hacked and refilled

– Flavors are rich and intense

– No break in time for coils

– No wicking problems

– Pods system allows for instant change of flavor without any residue

– Perfect for stealth or on the go vaping

– Pass through vaping is possible with all three charging options


– e-liquid window is a shade-too minimal to monitor remaining e-liquid without removing the cap reliably

– Proprietary magnetic USB charger-is awkward to deploy and use current flavor selection is extremely limited

– Chaining vaping will require frequent charging

– Highest nicotine level might be too low for a heavy ex-smoker

– Pod rubber housing comes loose

– Tolerance on pods don’t always fit the device

Bottom Line

Bo One is a compelling closed system vaporizer offering intense flavor experience. It is a great device for a smoker who is transitioning to vaping but with its great features will also attract many vapers. With its limited battery life makes chain vaping difficult for longer periods. However, users are anticipating the introduction of a power bank as an accessory that is intended to charge the vaporizer even four times. With the introduction of that accessory, it will be a big plus on this device. For one to achieve the whole vaping experience, one must obtain four different packages that include the charging station, the pod vape, USB cable and lastly the set of flavor pods. The small size of Bo one makes it perfect to use on the go.

Top Five Methods For Consuming Medical Marijuana

Traditionally, weed was consumed via smoking a roll. However, these days technology has advanced, and weed is consumed through a number of ways, the list of ways of doing it keeps on getting longer day by day. Now, the question that a majority of people have been asking themselves is, what is the most favorable way to consume marijuana? Well, before we get into the nitty-gritty of smoking weed, you first need to ask yourself a few questions: Would you like to take your pot while traveling or would you prefer to prep the weed first before consuming it? Do you prefer consuming it whenever you feel like or would you prefer consuming it discreetly?

Medical cannabis comes in many different forms. They come in oil form, dried or edible. How you decide to take your cannabis will depend on your preference and lifestyle. For example, if you are a person who loves travelling, then it is quite impractical to take pot while traveling. On the other hand, if you stick on to a ritual before consuming pot, then smoking might be a perfect choice for you. Let us take a look at different methods of consuming medical marijuana.

1. Tinctures

Tincture is a solution that is made from alcohol and concentrated marijuana. One can be able to consume marijuana tincture simply by adding some few drops of the solution to the food or drink. You can also apply the solution on the skin or take a few drops under your tongue. Marijuana tincture is a discreet way of consuming weed. This method may be favorable for kids who are sick and depending on marijuana for pain treatment.

2. Edibles

This is with no doubt among the most delicious ways of taking medical marijuana. It’s is consumed by adding weed to your sweet treats. Weed is plant-based, and this means that it can be safely incorporated into a myriad of prepared delicacies and sweet treats. From cheese to pot brownies, the possibilities are simply endless. You can also be able to add cannabis to your spice up plain popcorns or granola bar recipe, it all depends on your preference. Consuming weed using this method is not only a healthy way of consuming it, but its effects are longer lasting as well. What’s more, taking marijuana through edibles offer a more discreet way of consuming pot.

3. Smoking

Smoking is perhaps among the most popular ways of smoking weed. This method of smoking pot is easy, safe and practical for a majority of users. In addition, this method is perfect for providing relief instantly. The active ingredient present in marijuana is delivered from the lungs direct to the blood stream in a much faster way. However, if you are smoking pot for your health, smoking is not the most preferred way to consume it. It can bring some harmful effects to you such as damaging your lungs and causing some respiratory inflammation. If you would rather preserve the health benefits of marijuana, smoking is not the real deal.

4. Ingestible Oils

Ingestible oils are basically any cannabis concentrates that are taken orally. In most cases, ingestible oils come in the form of plastic applicators or capsules. These methods can either be consumed by adding it directly to food or drink or consumed directly. Just like edibles, ingested oils can bring about some powerful effects that can take some time to kick in, so it is important to be mindful of your dose.

5. Vaping

Vaping is quite the same as smoking, but in vaping instead of burning marijuana, its essence is converted into water vapor. The user will use a vaporizer to heat the weed up, juice or oil and all that you will be required to do is push a button on the vaporizer and inhale the water vapor through the mouthpiece. Since there is no burning involved, you will not be inhaling marijuana smoke. Additionally, the curative abilities of marijuana are not tempered with by the heat. This means that you will be maximizing the full benefits of marijuana. Finally, consuming marijuana through vaping is considered to be one of the most effective ways of consuming pot. This is something you should keep in mind especially is you are trying to do away with tobacco.

Bottom Line

There you have it, top 5 methods of consuming marijuana medically. It is important to note that, as all the other methods are used to consume marijuana, vaping is considered to be the most favorable.